Latest Versions

The version history of the Tantra product line is shown below. For older products, some versions have been retired and their manuals have been removed from the website. If you are still using a retired version of a Tantra product, you can upgrade to the latest version for free. If you do not receive the upgrade automatically, please contact Tex Evans.

Tantra Total Woman HUD

Tantra Gold Condom HUD

Tantra Condom HUD

Tantra Paternity Test

Tantra Home Pregnancy Test (Tantra HPT)

  • Tantra HPT 1.xx
  • Tantra HPT 3.00 (Released for Tantra Total Woman HUD 3.00)
  • Tantra HPT 4.00 (Released for Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00)
  • Tantra HPT 6.0 (Released for Tantra Total Woman HUD 6.0)

Tantra Deluxe Home Pregnancy Test

Tantra Fertility Drug

Tantra Accessory Pack

Tantra Pill Package