Tantra has an entire line of products that work with the Tantra Total Woman HUD.  Tantra products are available at the Tantra Flagship Store in the Second Life® virtual world and at the Second Life marketplace.

Take The First Step

Tantra Total Woman HUD

Our premier product. This is the product that forms the basis of the Tantra Total Woman experience. (more info)

Wanna Play?

Tantra Gold Condom HUD

The Tantra Gold Condom HUD redefines risk once again. Expands role play options for men by allowing them to sabotage condoms and remove their partner’s diaphragms. And the women are not left out. They are able to sabotage your condom as well. (more info)

I Wonder

Tantra Paternity Test

The Tantra Paternity Test is designed to work with your Tantra Total Woman HUD. It will tell you the father of your baby and has a realistic mode and an absolute mode for the test. (more info)

Share the Moment

Tantra Home Pregnancy Test

The Tantra Home Pregnancy Test is a prim based single-use pregnancy test that allows you to share the results with your partner in world.  Leave it on his nightstand to share the news with him. (more info)

Picture of a syringe

Tantra Fertility Drug

The Tantra Fertility Drug works in conjunction with your partner’s Tantra Total Woman HUD and gives you the ability to adjust her fertility. The device is great for medical/sci-fi role plays. (more info)

Tantra Pill Pack

The Tantra Pill Pack is an optional add on to the Tantra Total Woman HUD that expands the Tantra experience. (more info)

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