Tantra Fertility Drug

The Doctor is In

Picture of a syringe

Price: 100L

The Tantra Fertility Drug works in conjunction with your partnerā€™s Tantra Total Woman HUD and gives you the ability to adjust her fertility. The device is great for medical/sci-fi role plays.

You have the option to use one of three different drugs.

  • Fertility Drug. This injection increases the odds of pregnancy and also increases the odds that she will have twins if she does become pregnant.
  • Ovulation Stimulator Drug. This injection induces immediate ovulation. It lasts until the next session of SL. An pregnancy that occurs while using this drug carries forward into her regular cycle.
  • Combo Drug. This injection is a combination of the Fertility Drug and the Ovulation Drug

The package includes the Tantra Fertility Drug and is compatible with the Tantra Total Woman HUD versions 3.0 and greater.

The Tantra Fertility Drug is available at the Second Life MarketplaceĀ®, the Tantra Flagship Store, and other selected Tantra vendor locations.