Tantra Total Woman HUD

Feel Like A Woman

Feel Like A Woman

Price: 499L

Mother Nature intended for sex to be fun and exciting and, of course, we want the same thing. Sex, at its best, is thrilling and invogorating, and it’s an amazing feeling to be wanted and needed. So, what is missing in SL? You have a beautiful body, the men are buff, and the pose balls are creative. But do you come away thinking that it is just not as fun as it should be?

There is no physical contact, of course, the whole event takes place in the mind. But the mind is the single most erogenous zone on the body, so what’s missing? What makes a woman a woman? Well, in real life the answer is obvious, women are fertile. Every single sexual encounter in real life carries risk for women, regardless of how well it is managed.

Imagine you are on a date, and you are having fun dancing with a cute guy and he asks if you want to come home with him. You want to, but in the back of your mind, you are thinking about how you are in the middle of your cycle and that you should be more careful than your heart is telling you to be. You didn’t bring your diaphragm with you tonight. So the question is do you go home with him and hope he has condoms? If he doesn’t, do you take the chance… just this one time?

Managing that risk is one of the most basic, carnal elements to sex, and bringing that element into SL deepens the intimacy we women can feel with our lovers here.

Let’s say, you decide to go home with him. You are enjoying the caressing and kissing as you feel your desire growing. The thoughts of being careful are quickly leaving your mind. You are quickly arriving at the moment of truth. Whispering in his ear, “Do you have a condom?”, but at this point not really caring if he does or not. You need him! Luckily for you, he reaches over to the night stand and pulls out a condom. The night ends in blissful pleasure.

In real life, you’re not home free yet. There’s always the chance that your birth control failed. As the time of your period approaches, you feel your nerves twinge, and after a few more days, you realize that you period should have started. You worry, “What if I’m pregnant? What will I do?” If you’re lucky, your lover is still there for you. But, finally, your period begins and you breathe a sigh of relief, as you’ve escaped unscathed this time.

The Tantra Total Woman HUD gives you back your female cycle. No longer are you just a doll with a female shape.

Let your imagination wander for a moment. Think of all the conversations your cycle starts. “What form of birth control should we use?” Or perhaps, “My period is overdue!” Women forget their pill in real life, and the same can happen here. In those cases, you and your man will have to make some decisions. “Do you want him to wear a condom or…?”

The match to real life is quite typical and realistic. And yes, you have to be cautious, use condoms, a diaphragm, or be on the pill (all provided). Or you can abstain during your fertile time of the month. The Tantra Total Woman HUD keeps track of it all for you, informing you when you are risky.

Tantra makes sex in Second Life more real, and it engages your mind more, offering you a much more powerful experience.

The hud features:

  • Realistic Cycles
  • Realistic Odds (using Desire Risk or Desire Neutral settings, enhanced odds for Desire Pregnancy)
  • Multiple Birth Control Options (Pill / Condom / Diaphragm)
  • Multiple Modes (Desire Pregnancy / Desire Neutral / Desire Risk)
  • Automatic Pregnancy Determination
  • “At a glance” determination of where you are in your cycle
  • Works with all products.
  • Many additional features to enhance risk type role play
  • Works automatically with
    • Aeros
    • Midnight Lotus
    • The Physics Cock
    • Sensations
    • Xcite!
    • And many other products

Tantra is an official Xcite! Partner

The Tantra Total Woman HUD is available at the Second Life MarketplaceĀ®, the Tantra Flagship Store, and all Tantra vendor locations.