Tantra Paternity Test

I Wonder

I Wonder

Price: 50L

The Tantra Paternity Test works in conjunction with your Tantra Total Woman HUD. If you are pregnant, the test will tell you who the father of your baby (or babies). It features two different ways to perform the test.

  • Absolute – This type of test will tell you the fathers of all of your babies. The father does not need to be present for you to use this test.
  • Realistic – This type of test requires that the potential father be present at the time of the test. Once you have started this test, it will then ask the potential father to touch the test. The test will then confirm if the potential father is actually the father of the baby. If he isn’t the father, it will tell you that he is not the father. To test other potential fathers, start the test again and have the next potential father touch the test when requested by the Paternity Test.

The Tantra Paternity Test is available at the Second Life Marketplace®, the Tantra Flagship Store, and other selected Tantra vendor locations.