Tantra Pill Pack

Not This Month…

Price: 100L

The Tantra Pill Pack is an optional add on to the Tantra Total Woman HUD that expands the Tantra experience to provide an in-world display of birth control pills taken or missed and adds to the role play possibilities.

Want to increase the realism? You can restrict yourself to only using the Tantra Pill Pack to take your pill each day. And feel the nerves when you see that you have forgotten a couple of pills.

Have a dominant? They can look at the pill pack to verify that you are following their wishes for birth control.

Want to be risky? Leaving the pill pack unattended can lead to someone tampering with your pills. (Access can be adjusted in the security settings)

Package Includes:
• Tantra Pill Pack
• Tantra Pill Pack HUD

Works with Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00+ (5.00+ preferred)