Tantra Pill Packet 1.00 Manual

NOTE: Version 6.0 is now available. You should receive a new version of the Tantra Pill Pack 6.0 automatically when you rez the Tantra Pill Pack 1.00. If you do not get a copy, please contact Tex Evans for assistance.

Thank you for using the Tantra Pill Packet. This object is designed to work with your Tantra Total Woman HUD to enhance the experience when using birth control pills and also provides enhanced role play options.

Using the Tantra Pill Packet

To use the pill packet, just rez it from inventory, or wear it from inventory. Or add the HUD version to one of your HUD slots. When you first use the pill packet, be sure to touch the object and click Settings in the menu. There is an option to set Sabotage Access, described below, but for now, this option determines who, if anybody, can potentially tamper with your pills.

The settings are independent for each copy you have. So when you rez out a copy, you should check to make sure that this setting is the one you want. When rezzed, if the security is set to public, then a warning will appear in your local chat.

Once rezzed or worn, the pill packet will attempt to sync with your Tantra Total Woman HUD. It will sync periodically when you are in the same region as the pill packet. The pill packet is not designed to sync with multiple Tantra Total Woman HUDs. It will sync with any Tantra Total Woman HUD that you wear near it and will show the most recent sync. If you want to use the pill packet with multiple Tantra Total Woman HUDs, see the Multi-HUD Setup section below.

Taking the Pill

The pill packet will show which pills you have taken, or tossed, during the current cycle. To take one of the pills, first be sure that you have told the Tantra Total Woman HUD that you are using the pill, by clicking the Birth Control button on your HUD and select Start Pill from the menu.

Once you have done that, you can either use the Tantra Total Woman HUD’s Birth Control button or just touch the pill packet. In both cases, you’ll receive a menu with the options of Take Pill or Toss Pill.

Sabotaging the Pill

Anytime the pill packet is rezzed in world, but not when worn, it can be touched by anyone. They will receive a menu that will show them when the pill packet was last synced. If the Sabotage Access allows it, they will have the option of attempting to sabotage your pill.

If they decide to make the attempt, depending on how close you are to the packet, you may get a message in local chat, that you have noticed that the packet was tampered with, or that you caught them red handed. Only you will see this message, so you are free to role play it however you like. The closer you are when the attempt was made the more likely the attempt will be unsuccessful.

If you receive the tamper message, the pill packet will assume that you replaced the tampered version with a new pack and your pill is still effective. At least from that attempt.

However, if the attempt succeeds, then you will have no way of knowing if your pills are effective or not. There is no indication on the Tantra Total Woman HUD or the Tantra Pill Packet, to warn you. Once the pills have been successfully sabotaged, the effect will last until the start of the next cycle. In the next section, you will learn how you can protect yourself.

Note to Saboteurs : Successfully sabotaging the pill is not a guarantee that it will happen. It depends on her coming back to the region, while wearing the Tantra Total Woman HUD, in the same cycle, before the sabotage syncs up with the HUD.

Restricting Who Can Sabotage Your Pill

Some people may like the idea of having the pill packet just to keep track of which pills they have taken or not taken, but may not want to risk have someone tampering with their pills. Clicking the pill packet and selecting Settings, then Sabotage Access from the menus, will allow you to restrict who can potentially sabotage your pills. The settings are:

  • Public. Anybody can tamper with your pills
  • Named Only. Only people that are listed on the Access List notecard can tamper with your pills.
  • None. No one can tamper with your pills

The other way you can protect your pills is to avoid leaving them rezzed out on a nightstand or next to the bathroom sink. Wearing the packet, only you can access the menus.

For Named Only access, there is a notecard inside your pill packet where you can add their legacy name (e.g. Tex Evans, Tom Resident) to the notecard. Once added they will be able to tamper with your pills. Note, the notecard only controls the pill packet it is contained in. If you have multiple pill packets, you will need to update the notecard in each one.

Lastly, for someone to access the menu, they must be within 2 meters of it. So if your property prevents people from entering your property, they would not be able to tamper with your pills, assuming you have them rezzed more than 2 meters from any parcel boundary.

Realistic Pill Option/Restriction

If you are using the Tantra Total Woman HUD 5.00 or greater, you can decide to only allow taking/tossing the pill using the Tantra Pill Packet. You also will not be able to take/toss your pill if you are wearing the Tantra Pill Packet as a HUD. It has to be either rezzed in-world or worn as an in-world attachment. If you set this restriction, you will no longer be able to use the Birth Control menu on your Tantra Total Woman HUD to take or toss the pill until the option has been turned off.

To set the option, select the Settings / RLV Settings / Real Pill from your Tantra Total Woman HUD. Once set, you will only be able to turn this option off while RLV is disabled.

If you have a Master/Mistress set up on your Tantra Total Woman HUD, they can also set this restriction.

Multi-HUD Setup

Out of the box, the Tantra Pill Packet is set up to be used by women with only one Tantra Total Woman HUD. If you use multiple copies of the Tantra Total Woman HUD, the pill packet will attempt to sync with the one you are currently wearing. This can cause issues, especially with sabotage attempts.

However, the Tantra Pill Packet can be set up to sync with only one copy of your Tantra Total Woman HUD. To do this, you have to edit the pill packet and the Tantra Total Woman HUD’s description field with an ID number. The ID number has to be a unique number, other than 0, only shared with the Tantra Total Woman HUD, and any copies of the pill packet you want to sync with that HUD.

If the pill packet is set up to only sync with one Tantra Total Woman HUD, the pill packet menu will show which ID number has been assigned to it.


There are two Tantra groups for you to join. Tantra Support is for general support questions. I know some people do not like to receive frequent IM Spam, so you can also join Tantra Announcements. Tantra Announcements should not be used for support questions. This group is used by Tantra employees to announce upgrades and special programs to our customers.

If you have any questions, you can contact either Tex Evans, or one of the support staff listed in my profile, online or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com.