Tantra Gold Condom HUD 3.00 Manual

NOTE: Version 6.0 is now available. You should receive a new version of the Tantra Gold Condom HUD 6.0 automatically when you wear the Tantra Gold Condom HUD 3.00. If you do not get a copy, please contact Tex Evans for assistance.

Congratulation on your purchase of the Tantra Gold Condom HUD. This HUD is designed to work with the Tantra Total Woman HUD and is very simple to use. The Gold version builds upon the simple Condom HUD included with the Tantra Total Woman HUD and adds some additional features that will enhance your role play.

Using the Tantra Gold Condom HUD

To use the HUD, you just wear it as a HUD attachment. You can wear it in any of the HUD attachment points and it will automatically adjust to fit in the spot. Unlike the regular condom HUD, when you wear the condom HUD, it will not assume you are actually wearing the condom. You will have to manually put on the condom.

Wearing a Condom

To put on a condom, you can either click the Condom On light, or click the Menu button and select Condom On from the menu. When you put on a condom, the Condom On light will turn green. You can take off the condom at any time by clicking on the Condom On light again, or clicking the Menu button and selecting Condom Off.

Sabotaging a Condom

The Gold version allows you to sabotage your condoms without your partner knowing that you have done so. To sabotage a condom, just click the Sabotage light on the HUD, or click the Menu button and select the Sabotage On menu command. The light will turn green when you have sabotaged the condom. If you are not wearing a condom at the time, the HUD will automatically change your status to Condom On.

If you decide to cancel the sabotage, just click the Sabotage light again, or go back to the Menu button and select the Sabotage Off command. If you cancel the sabotage, the HUD will automatically remove your condom as well.

Removing Your Partner’s Diaphragm

The Gold version also allows you to remove your partner’s diaphragm. Unlike sabotaging a condom, your partner will know that you have done this, both via an emote, and also on their Tantra Total Woman HUD indicator lights. To remove your partner’s diaphragm, just select the Remove Diaphragm menu command. If your partner is wearing a diaphragm, it will be removed. If they are not wearing a diaphragm, nothing will happen.

Changing Your Submissive’s Restrictions

If your partner is using the Tantra Total Woman HUD version 4.00 or greater, and they have added you as their Master/Mistress, you can set up various restrictions for their HUD.

To set the restrictions, click the Menu button and select Target Sub from the menu.  The Tantra Gold Condom HUD will scan the area for anyone nearby that has listed you as a Master/Mistress and then present you another menu to select the name of the person you want to update.

You can change the following restrictions:

  • RLV Lock On/Off. This option prevents the user from removing their Tantra Total Woman HUD.  This is a RLV setting, so if the user is not using a RLV enabled viewer, or has RLV turned off in their viewer, they can remove the HUD.  However, the next time they wear the Tantra Total Woman HUD with RLV enabled, the lock will return.
  • Blind Cycle On/Off. This option turns off the cycle bar on the Tantra Total Woman HUD.  This means, that the user will only get a notification when their period begins, but they will have to keep track of where they are in their cycle mentally. This restriction works regardless of RLV status.
  • Realistic Paternity On/Off. This option forces the user to only use realistic paternity tests. This means that if she becomes pregnant, she can only take the paternity test with the potential father present and the test will only gives a yes/no answer. This restriction works regardless of RLV status.

The restrictions are additive.  You can only force an “On” restriction, not an “Off” restriction.  Also, the restrictions use the most restrictive option.  This means, for example, if your partner, or another Master/Mistress, has selected to use Blind Cycles, then the user will use Blind Cycles, even if you have selected Blind Cycles Off for them.

Orgasm Type Menu

When an orgasm is detected, the Tantra Total Woman HUD asks her about the type of orgasm. However, if you have been added as a Master/Mistress to her HUD, this menu will be redirected to you for your orgasms.

The possible responses are discussed below:

  • Came Inside – If your orgasm was during coitus, you should select this option. This option is the greatest chance of causing pregnancy, however, the actual odds depend on the timing of your cycle and the use of birth control.
  • Anal/Oral/Etc – If your orgasm was orgasm during anal sex or oral sex, you should select this option. This option will obviously not cause the HUD to determine pregnancy.
  • Female Orgasm – If you are a female, then you should select this option. The HUD will ignore the orgasm and will not determine pregnancy. If your partner wants a female to impregnate you, ignore this button and use one of the other ones. It’s Second Life and anything is possible! I won’t tell.
  • Pulled Out – If your orgasm was during coitus and you pulled out in time, you should select this option. If you began your orgasm while still inside, you should select the Came Inside option instead. Surprisingly, the pull out method is actually quite effective if, and it’s a big if, you successfully pull out in time. The actual odds of pregnancy used by the HUD depends on the timing of your cycle and the use of other birth control methods.

This happens even if you are not wearing the Tantra Gold Condom HUD and even if you do not own the Tantra Gold Condom HUD.


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If you have any questions, you can contact either Tex Evans, or one of the support staff listed in my profile, online or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com.