My partner had an orgasm, but my HUD did not ask me for the type of orgasm. Is the HUD working?

By | January 9, 2016

Your partner must be wearing one of the cocks listed below for the HUD to automatically detect the orgasm:

  • Aeros brand cock (Versions 6.0 and greater)
  • Midnight Lotus brand cock (Gold versions 3.0 and greater)
  • The Physics Cock (Version 2.2 and greater)
  • REALASM brand cock (Purchased or upgraded after 10/07/08)
  • Sensations brand cock (and the orgasm message must be the default message)
  • Signature (Versions 1.2 and greater)
  • Xcite! brand cock (and the orgasm message must be the default message)

Also, if your partner is not within 1.5 meters of you during the orgasm, the HUD will assume that he was not close enough. The HUD will also ignore your orgasms. You can manually trigger the pregnancy calculation by using the Manual Orgasm button on the Main menu.

Finally, check with your partner to see if they are getting the menus. If the Redirect Orgasm Type Menu option has been set, then your partner should get the menu first. If they do not respond to it, then the menu will also be sent to you.

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