I am having trouble getting pregnant. How do I become pregnant?

By | January 9, 2016

The Tantra Total Woman HUD uses realistic odds (under the Desire Risk or Desire Neutral setting). This means that there is only an 85% chance per year (12 full cycles) that you would get pregnant. So, sometimes it is a matter of being patient and letting it happen. There are some things that will help you get pregnant faster listed below. Some of these are simple things, but included just in case.

1. The default setting is Desire Risk. This is real life odds. If you want enhanced odds of pregnancy, change the setting to Desire Pregnancy.

2. Does the menu button on the HUD work? If not, then you need a script reset. The procedure is explained here.

3. Are you resetting your cycle using “Set Cycle” often in hopes of increasing the length of your fertile time? If so, do not do this! It is counter-productive and will delay you becoming pregnant. Due to variability, there is about a 50/50 chance that you will skip past your Ovulation Day and enter a non-fertile time, even though your Ovulation Status light will be red.

If you want to force your ovulation to happen outside of your normal fertile time, use the “Temporarily Override Cycle” button on the Main menu. This will set your ovulation day to today, for the current session of SL only. You can override at any time during your cycle, but it has to be elected each time you sign onto SL.

4. Every time you have sex, are you getting a blue menu when your partner has their orgasm that asks what happened (i.e. Came Inside, etc)? If not, your partner may not be using a compatible penis. Currently, only Aeros, Midnight Lotus, Physics, Sensations, Signature, REALASM! and Xcite is supported. You can also manually trigger your HUD using the “Manual Orgasm” button in the Main menu.

5. Are you clicking “Came Inside” when appropriate?

These are a few of the more common things that we run across where people have had problems. If you are still having problems, please contact either Tex Evans or Aquela Hearn.