Monthly Archives: December 2017

It’s Finally Here – Tantra Total Woman 4.00 Released

Just in time for the New Year.  Start it out right with the latest version of the Tantra Total Woman HUD.  As always, Tantra offers an exclusive preview of the latest version to our previous customers before releasing it to the public.  Here are some of the new features:

  • New progressive cycle bar that increments each cycle day
  • In addition to 28 day and 14 day cycles, there is a new option for 7 day cycles.
  • Revamped pregnancy odds based on the latest research.
  • An option to add multiple Master/Mistresses to you HUD who can control some Tantra Settings
  • Gender determination for your babies

For more details, see Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00 New Features

To get the free upgrade, visit the upgrade station at the Tantra Flagship Store.

Updated Tantra Condom HUDs Released

Tantra has released version 3.00 of the Tantra Condom HUD and the Tantra Gold Condom HUD.  This is the final step before the release of the Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00.  One of the new features of the Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00 is the ability to add a Master to the HUD, who can control certain aspects of your Tantra experience.  The Master however, has to have the Tantra Gold Condom HUD to set restrictions.

The Tantra Condom HUD is available for free at the Tantra Flagship Store in boxes of 12.

Current users of the Tantra Gold Condom HUD should receive the update automatically.