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Tantra Fertility Drug 6.0 Released

As we make the final preparations for the release of the Tantra Total Woman HUD 6.0, we are excited to announce that the Tantra Fertility Drug has been updated with a new all mesh design. The new version is available at the Tantra Flagship Store or at the Tantra Marketplace Store. Existing users should automatically… Read More »

Tantra Total Woman HUD 5.00 Released

We’re excited to announce that the Tantra Total Woman HUD 5.00 has been released. There are a lot of new features. The birth control options have added more realism. Birth control pills now have to be periodically refilled at the Tantra Flagship Store and new features have been added to help you keep track of… Read More »

Tantra Gold Condom 4.00 Released

We are pleased to announce that the Tantra Gold Condom 4.00 has now been released. This release is in preparation for the release of the new Tantra Total Woman HUD 5.00 that is coming in the very near future. If you already have the Tantra Gold Condom 3.00, then you should be getting a notification… Read More »

Announcing The Physics Cock Support

We are happy to announce and welcome The Physics Cock to the Tantra family. The Physics Cock is one of the newest genital makers and have some unique products. We hope you check them out at their store or their video. The Physics Cock versions 2.2 and greater are Tantra compatible.

Tantra Accessory Pack Released

Tantra has released the free Tantra Accessory Pack. The package includes add-ins for the PsiCorp and VAW male genitals to provide Tantra compatibility. It also includes an add-in for MLPV based furniture that will allow you to add insemination features to your medical and sci-fi based furniture. We hope you enjoy this new addition to… Read More »

Happy Holidays from Tantra

We all need good news this year, so for 2020, we have prepared a holiday gift for all of customers. You can find your gift under the tree at the Tantra Flagship store. We hope that this will become an annual tradition for Tantra, so if you have ideas for a gift for next year,… Read More »

It’s Finally Here – Tantra Total Woman 4.00 Released

Just in time for the New Year.  Start it out right with the latest version of the Tantra Total Woman HUD.  As always, Tantra offers an exclusive preview of the latest version to our previous customers before releasing it to the public.  Here are some of the new features: New progressive cycle bar that increments… Read More »

Updated Tantra Condom HUDs Released

Tantra has released version 3.00 of the Tantra Condom HUD and the Tantra Gold Condom HUD.  This is the final step before the release of the Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00.  One of the new features of the Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00 is the ability to add a Master to the HUD, who can… Read More »

Tantra Fertility Drug 2.00 has been released

The new Tantra Fertility Drug 2.00 has just been released.  This brings Tantra one step closer to revealing the new Tantra Total Woman 4.00.  The Tantra Fertility Drug replaces the original Tantra Ovulation Drug and now allows the user to select one of three drugs to use. Ovulation Drug – The original Tantra drug.  Induces… Read More »

Tantra Paternity Test 3.00 released

As the final preparations are made to release the Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00, Tantra has released the updated Tantra Paternity Test 3.00.  Stay tuned for new announcements of other product updates, culminating in the release of the all new Tantra Total Woman HUD. As a tease of one of the new features that are… Read More »