I’m Pregnant. What Happens Now?

By | January 9, 2016

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Some people wonder what happens now. This FAQ explains your options and how your Tantra Total Woman HUD works with your pregnancy.

First of all, your Tantra Total Woman HUD assumes your pregnancy is only 30 days following your missed period. You do not need to wear the HUD during your pregnancy. In SL, pregnancies last between 4 weeks to 8 weeks (and sometimes longer), depending on your preferences and the clinic you choose. When you wear your HUD for the first time following the 30 day pregnancy period assumed by the HUD, or the due date you set, the HUD will reset and start a new cycle beginning on that day.

To change your due date, go to the Other Settings (Gears) menu and click the Set Due Date… button. You can set your due date anytime from 2 weeks from your missed period to 1 year from your missed period.

If you wish to know who is the father of your child, there is a Tantra Paternity Test available. The test must be taken before the pregnancy period is over. If you wish to purchase the test, stop by one of the Tantra store locations.

For your pregnancy, you have many choices to make. Some people handle the details on their pregnancy on their own. You can modify your shape and role play the pregnancy without using a family clinic. This option obviously costs much less than using a family clinic.

Starting with version 3.00 of the Tantra Total Woman HUD, if you have a RLV compatible viewer and have RLV turned on, the Tantra Total Woman HUD can automatically switch between your pregnancy shapes. For more information, see How Do I Set up RLV?.

Other people enjoy experiencing the pregnancy with the services that a family clinic offers. Most of the clinics offer packages that include:

  • Pregnancy shapes customized for your avatar
  • Routine checkups and ultrasounds
  • Delivery (Some places even offer the option for a water delivery.)

In addition the family clinics include in the package, or sell as a separate item, a “Tummy Talker” for you to wear. Tummy Talkers provide emotes that tell you when you are having cravings, feeling the baby kick, etc. At the Tantra Flagship Store, there is a display of many of the clinics.

There are also several different makers of mesh babies. These can be pricy, but it’s an option if you want to extend the pregnancy past delivery.

We hope this FAQ helps you to find the best possible pregnancy experience. If there are any questions that you have, feel free to contact me via IM or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com. Your questions will help me to improve this webpage in the future.