Tantra Total Woman HUD 6.0 New Features

In general, the Tantra Total Woman HUD operates just like the previous versions, so it will be familiar to you. However, there are some new features and older features have been redesigned. This page will help you get up to speed on the changes.

Appearance and Menus

The first thing you will notice with the new version is that the appearance has changed. The HUD has been re-designed from scratch to be all mesh. In the future, the Tantra will allow you to select your color theme between several options.

The second thing you will notice is that the Birth Control and Settings buttons are gone. To the left hand side there is an icon button that opens up a new graphical pop up menu. The new menus have been reorganized to put the most common commands on the first tab of the menu and the other commands have been grouped together by broad categories. The tabs are, from left to right, main menu, cycle settings menu, restrictions menu, and other settings menu.


The new version has an optional beacon that will allow nearby Tantra Gold Condom HUD users to see that you are wearing a Tantra Total Woman HUD. To turn the beacon on or off, go to the Other Settings menu and flip the switch.

Setting Due Dates

The separate Tantra Due Date Setter has been retired. Setting the due date can now be done directly in the Tantra Total Woman HUD, under the Other Settings Tab. You still only need to do this, once you are pregnant and your doctor can still set your due date during your doctor’s appointments.

Language and Custom Emotes

Previous versions of the Tantra Total Woman HUD allowed you to set up custom emotes for the various orgasm emotes. In preparation for releasing multi-language versions of the Tantra Total Woman HUD in the future, all emotes are now customizable.

However there is a drawback. The new language notecards are a lot more complex and customizing the language notecard can easily break your HUD. It is strongly recommended that you make a copy of the original language notecard before attempting any changes to it! For most users, it is recommended that you do not attempt to modify the language notecard, however, if you do make a mistake, we can help repair your HUD, but there may be a delay before we can assist.

Efficiency Improvements

The Tantra Total Woman HUD has been optimized using some new features recently added by Linden Labs to the scripting language. The number of scripts has been reduced and the size of the scripts has been reduced.