Tantra Total Woman HUD 5.00 New Features

In general, the Tantra Total Woman HUD operates just like the previous versions, so it will be familiar to you. However, there are some new features and older features have been redesigned. This page will help you get up to speed on the changes.

Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills have been revamped to make them more realistic and easier to track.

When you select the Birth Control button on the HUD, if you are currently taking birth control pills, the menu will now indicate when the current day’s pill is due by. Or if you have taken your pill for the day, it will indicate when you need to take your next pill. Note that the old rule still applies that any cycle day that you are completely offline, the HUD will assume you took your pill, unless you select the Stop Pill command.

The second change to the birth control pills is you have to periodically refill your birth control pill prescription. You can have up to three unopened pill packages at any one time. If you do not have any pill packages available, you will not be able to take your pills until you refill your prescription. The Tantra Total Woman HUD will give you a warning in chat each time you log into SecondLife once you are on your last pill package. Prescription refills are available for free at the Tantra Flagship Store.

This feature is separate from the Tantra Pill Package. The Tantra Pill Package is a new, optional product that works with your Tantra Total Woman HUD to provide an in world pill package that shows which pills you have taken or not taken for the month and can be used to take or toss your birth control pill for the day. The Tantra Pill Package also has a setting that will allow your birth control pills to be sabotaged, if you leave it unattended. The Tantra Pill Package is available at the Tantra Marketplace Store, the Tantra Flagship Store, and at most Tantra vendors.

There is also a new setting for the birth control pills that will restrict you to only using the Tantra Pill Package to take or toss your birth control pill for the day. Once this option is set, as long as you have RLV enabled, you will not be able to turn off the restriction until you log into SecondLife with RLV disabled. To change the option, click the Settings button on your HUD and select RLV Settings / Real Pill. Also, anyone you have set as Master/Mistress on your HUD can set this restriction using the latest version of the Tantra Gold Condom HUD.

The last change to the birth control pills is that the decision to take or toss a pill for the day is a one time decision. Once you have taken, or tossed, your pill for the cycle day, the menu buttons will change to “N/A-Take Pill” and “N/A-Toss Pill”. Similarly, if you have run out of pill packages, the menu buttons will also change to the N/A versions until you refill your prescription.


The diaphragm has also been revamped to add more realism. It is no longer a set and forget form of birth control. During your period, you will not be able to wear your diaphragm. Also, once you put on the diaphragm, you can only wear it for twelve real life hours before the HUD will automatically remove your diaphragm.

Also, the diaphragm must be worn at least six real life hours (time offline counts) after you have sex. If you remove the diaphragm before the six hours have passed, there is an increased chance of getting pregnant. The increase in pregnancy odds is greatest if you remove immediately after sex, but diminishes the longer you leave it in place.

With this new feature, the meaning of the diaphragm status light on your Tantra Total Woman HUD has changed. When you are wearing the diaphragm, the HUD will show a green indicator light. Once you have had sex, and either Came Inside or Pulled Out is selected from the Orgasm Type menu, the indicator light will turn yellow. It will remain yellow for the six hour window. Once the six hours has passed, it will return to green. Any time where you are not wearing a diaphragm, the indicator light will be red.

The auto remove feature of the diaphragm will take into account the last time you have sex and will not auto remove while you are within the six hour after sex requirement.


The Birth Control menu has added a new Condom submenu. In the new menu, there are now commands to put on or take off your partner’s condom. The Sabotage Condom command has been moved to the Condom menu as well. Your partner must be wearing either an unused Tantra Condom HUD or the Tantra Gold Condom HUD to use these commands.

The Condom Off and the Sabotage Condom commands are only available if either you or your partner has first put on a condom.

Automatically Redirect the Orgasm Type Menu

There is a new option to automatically redirect the Orgasm Type menu to your partner. With this setting, anytime the Tantra Total Woman HUD detects an orgasm, it will first ask him the orgasm type. If he doesn’t respond, then the HUD will send a second request to you.

As in the previous version of the HUD, anyone you have set as a master/mistress will receive the Orgasm Type menu first, regardless of the auto redirect setting. Master/mistresses can also set this restriction using the latest version of the Tantra Gold Condom HUD.

This option does not override redirecting the menu in the follow situations:

  • People added to your HUD as a master/mistress.
  • Tantra compatible furniture, using the Tantra MLPV Add On, or the Tantra AvSitter Add On.
  • Some Tantra compatible third party items, such as Sassy’s Bad Day. You can modify this using the Settings / RLV Settings / RLV Permissions setting.

To change this setting, select Settings / RLV Settings / Redirect Org.