Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00 New Features

In general, the Tantra Total Woman HUD operates just like the previous versions, so it will be familiar to you. However, there are some new features and older features have been redesigned. This page will help you get up to speed on the changes.

Cycle and Cycle Status Progress Bar

One of the first things you will notice is the cycle progress bar has been changed in this version. Now, the cycle progress bar will increment slightly each cycle day instead of only progressing at the start of each new phase of your cycle.

The cycle has been completely revamped to provide a smoother progression. In previous versions, the cycle day followed a real life calendar day.

For users with 14 day cycles, it compressed the green phases of the cycle to squeeze the cycle into 14 days. Starting with this version, if you are on a 14 day cycle, the cycle day lasts only 12 hours, but your ovulation day will still remain a full 24 hour period.

As part of the renovation, you can now set your Tantra Total Woman to 7 day cycles. Similarly to the 14 day cycle, the 7 day cycle days will only last 6 hours with the ovulation day remaining a full 24 hour cycle.

Depending on exactly when you started your cycle and your settings, your cycle day could change at either 6 AM, noon, 6 PM or midnight. If you are online near a cycle day change, you will get a warning a few minutes before.

Avatar Age

This is a new feature. This setting is used to tweak your fertility. Younger ages are much more likely to conceive than older ages, but if you are older, you are more likely to have twins when you do conceive. This setting works in conjunction with the Desire setting to determine overall odds of pregnancy. Setting your HUD to Desire Pregnancy and to 25 and Under will have the greatest odds of pregnancy.

To change your Avatar Age, click the Settings button, then select Cycle Settings / Set Age from the blue menu.

Changes to Fertility

In this version of the HUD, you will find it easier to get pregnant than previous versions, although the overall odds remain the same. The pregnancy odds have been completely revamped to take into account the latest medical research.

Before, getting pregnant was more dependent on timing sex to your ovulation day, where the latest research indicates the odds are fairly high for several days prior to your ovulation.

The new pregnancy calculations have been run through hundreds of thousands of simulated cycles and match up with the medical statistics.

HUD Indicator Lights – Active Semen

The Active Semen indicator light is based on sperm viability.  In real life, semen can live inside you for up to 6 days, while your egg only lasts around 24 hours.  You can only get pregnant if there are still live sperm inside you on the day you ovulate.

The indicator light is a visual reminder of how recently you have had sex.  Immediately after your partner has his orgasm, the light will turn red.  It will remain red for two cycle days, then turn yellow for the remaining four days of sperm viability.

In essence, this is the reverse of your cycle progress bar.  The yellow and red fertile zones are an indication of how likely sex during that phase of the cycle will have active semen inside of you during your ovulation.

An easy way to remember this is “Red on Red”, meaning a red Active Semen light during the red fertile phase on your cycle bar, means you have a good chance of becoming pregnant.

Note: For purposes of the Active Semen indicator light, if your partner pulls out, or uses a condom that didn’t break, it will not trigger the Active Semen indicator light. But there is still a small chance you might get pregnant.

HUD Indicator Lights – Fertility Drug

The Tantra Fertility Drug boosts your fertility and the odds of having twins.  The effects of taking the fertility drug, or having someone administer it to you, lasts for the entire cycle.

During cycles where you are using the fertility drug, the indicator light on your Tantra Total Woman HUD will be red.

The Tantra Fertility Drug replaces the Tantra Chemical Ovulation Drug, but still has the option of using the chemical ovulation drug.  The Chemical Ovulation Drug only lasts a single SecondLife session and only temporarily sets your Tantra Total Woman HUD to ovulation day, with no additional increase in the odds of pregnancy over the normal ovulation day odds.

Realistic Paternity Tests

In the Settings menu, under RLV Settings \ RLV Paternity, you can restrict the Tantra Paternity Test to only allow realistic paternity tests.  This means that if you become pregnant, you would have to take the paternity test with the potential father present and the test only gives a yes/no answer.

You can turn on this restriction at any time, but to turn it off, you have to log into SecondLife with RLV turned off.

Master Restrictions

You now have the ability to add Masters/Mistresses to your Tantra Total Woman HUD that allows them to control some aspects of your Tantra experience. Masters/Mistresses can RLV lock your HUD so you cannot remove it, force you to use blind cycles, or force you to only be able to take a realistic paternity test. In addition, the “Came Inside” menus will automatically be redirected to your Master/Mistress when they have an orgasm.

While you can add Masters/Mistresses at any time, they cannot change your restrictions without using the Tantra Gold Condom HUD. However, the “Came Inside” menu redirect does not require the Tantra Gold Condom HUD.

To add or remove Masters/Mistresses, click the Settings button, then select RLV Settings from the blue menu.