Tantra Deluxe Home Pregnancy Test 4.00 Manual

Congratulation on your purchase of the Tantra Deluxe Home Pregnancy Test. This HUD is designed to work with the Tantra Total Woman HUD and is very simple to use.

The Deluxe Home Pregnancy Test is a single use pregnancy test that graphically stores the results on the test strip.  This means it is perfect for role plays where you want to surprise your partner by leaving the positive pregnancy test strip out for your partner to find.

Using the Tantra Deluxe Home Pregnancy Test

To take the pregnancy test, just rez a copy of the test from your inventory. It can either be worn or rezzed on the ground.  Once it has rezzed, touch the test and it will begin. You must be wearing your HUD during the test for it to work.

The test is not completely accurate until at least 5 days past your actual ovulation date. It doesn’t report false positives, so if it tells you that you are pregnant, it is correct. But it can report a false negative. Beginning with the day after ovulation, the odds of an accurate result increase each day.

Once the test strip has been used, you will no longer be able to take another test with the strip.  The results are permanently recorded on the test strip.

However, anyone can touch the strip to get a message as to when the test was taken, as well as the test results.


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If you have any questions, you can contact me online at Tex Evans or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com.