Tantra Clinic Support System 2.00 Manual

NOTE: Version 4.00 of the Tantra Clinic Support System has been released. It is designed to support the features of the new Tantra Total Woman HUD 4.00. Please contact Tex Evans for a free upgrade.

Congratulation on being a valued clinic partner of Tantra. As part of being a part of the Tantra family, you have received a copy of the Tantra Clinic Support System. This object is designed to work with the Tantra Total Woman HUD and is very simple to use. The Clinic Support System allows you to handle various internal tasks with the Tantra Total Woman HUD that will be of use when providing clinic services to your Tantra equipped customers.

Some of the features available are the ability to coordinate the due dates of your patients with the Tantra Total Woman HUD, perform artificial inseminations and read the patients paternity information. Each of these features will be detailed below. Also, the Terms of Use for the Tantra Clinic Support System are at the end of this manual.

Setting up the Tantra Clinic Support System

The first step in using the Tantra Clinic Support System is setting up the security. In the contents of the object, there is a notecard called “Security Notecard”. In this notecard, you should add the names of each of your clinic staff members. Each name should be on a separate line. As the owner of the object, you will not have to add your own name to the notecard.

Using the Tantra Clinic Support System

To use the system with your patient, they must be using the Tantra Total Woman HUD version 2.50 or greater.

The first step to using the system is to touch the object. The first menu you will see will allow you to get a copy of the Tantra Donor Vial, work with a patient, or provide you a link to this manual.

The “Get Donor Vial” command will give you a copy of the Tantra Donor Vial. This object will collect a semen sample from any avatar. The sample can then be loaded into the Tantra Clinic Support System for use with the artificial insemination command.

To use the Tantra Donor Vial, just rez the vial out and have the donor touch the vial. Once he has touched the vial, his information is stored permanently in the vial. You can also manually set a name in the Tantra Donor Vial. To do this, just type in “/1 LoadDonor|” (note, after the LoadDonor, type in a pipe character, not an L character). The name should be a fake name. Please check it against Second Life search to make sure you are not using a name that is used by anyone in game, unless you have their specific permission to do so. If you are using a name with permission, use their legacy name (e.g. “Tex Evans” or “John Resident”).

Once the Tantra Donor Vial is loaded with donor information, you can pick up the vial and save it. You will not be able to remove the donor information from the vial, but you can always get a new one by using the “Get Donor Vial” command again.

The “Select Patient” command will allow you to select a patient to begin working with. After about 15 seconds, a list of all women nearby that are wearing a compatible Tantra Total Woman HUD will be displayed in a blue menu. Select the patients name from the list. For the rest of the menu commands, this will be the person targeted until you select the Finished menu command. There is also a timer set to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the targeted patient is reset and you will have to touch the object again to re-target the patient.

Getting Pregnancy Information

To get the patient’s pregnancy information, use the “Preg Info” menu command. This command will scan the patient’s Tantra Total Woman HUD and return the list of fathers of the patient’s babies. The information will be listed in chat, but will be private to the person who is operating the Tantra Clinic Support System. If there is more than one baby, then the father of each of the babies will be listed.

This information is useful if your patient would like to be surprised by possibly having twins. However, in many cases, the patient will have already decided they want twins and you are free to disregard the information provided by the Tantra Total Woman HUD.

Set Due Date

The patient’s due date per the Tantra Total Woman HUD can be changed to synchronize with the due date you have planned to use with your patient. To change the patient’s due date, just select “Set Due Date” menu command.

Once you have selected the command, the Tantra Total Woman HUD will reply back in chat their current due date. To change the date, type in “/1 YYYY-MM-DD” (e.g. /1 2010-05-25 for a due date of May 25th, 2010) within 90 seconds of selecting the Set Due Date command.

Loading a Semen Donor

Before you can use the Artificial Insemination command, you must load a semen sample into the Tantra Clinic Support System. To load the sample, select the “Load Donor” command. You will be prompted to rez out the Tantra Donor Vial. You can have more than one Tantra Donor Vial rezzed at one time. Once the vial is rezzed, you will then be prompted to touch the correct Tantra Donor Vial. After touching the vial, the sample will be loaded into the Tantra Clinic Support System.

Using Artificial Insemination

To perform an artificial insemination procedure, select the “Inseminate” command from the menu. A second menu will appear with the following options:

  • Realistic – This option uses realistic odds of pregnancy for the procedure. The odds are approximately 20%.
  • Enhanced – This option uses greatly enhanced odds of pregnancy for the procedure. The odds are approximately 50%.

Once you have selected the type of insemination, you will be prompted to confirm that the correct father name is loaded for the insemination. Once you confirm the name, you will get a private message back in chat that will let you know that the procedure was successful. This message only means that the patient’s HUD received the artificial insemination message. It does not necessarily mean that the patient is pregnant. You can check to see if the patient is pregnant by selecting “Finished” from the menu and then retargeting the patient and selecting the “Preg Info” menu command.


Once you are done working with a patient, select the “Finished” command. This will reset the patient targeting information. If you would like to work with another patient, just touch the object again and the system will perform another scan of patients for you to target. Also, the system is designed to automatically reset after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Terms of Use

The Tantra Clinic Support System is provided as a courtesy to our clinic partners. The Tantra Support System can be remotely inactivated at any time and a replacement may not be provided. The use of the Tantra Clinic Support System is subject to the following conditions:

  • The system must be only used in connection with your clinic services to your patients. It may not be used outside of the normal clinic services.
  • The system must only be used with the express or implied permission of your patients. If the patient is at a scheduled appointment with you or your staff, it is safe to assume you have implied permission.
  • The system must not be used to grief or harass any user of Second Life.
  • When using the artificial insemination features of the system, the potential father must agree to the insemination. This may be an open-ended agreement where the father agrees to be the potential father of multiple woman’s babies, or an agreement where the potential father agrees to the insemination of a specific woman. In the case of an open-ended agreement, the father may revoke the permission at any time and once revoked, his name should not be used to inseminate any future woman. However, any impregnations that occurred prior to the revocation may continue with the father’s name.
  • When using the artificial insemination features of the system, the potential mother must agree to the insemination.
  • The information received through use of the system should be considered confidential and only discussed with the patient and current clinic staff members, unless the patient agrees to share the information with others. It may also be shared with Tantra staff in connection with troubleshooting problems with the Tantra products.
  • The system should only be set for use by you and your current staff. The security notecard should be updated as your staff members change.
  • The system can only be used by current Tantra clinic partners. If you decide to no longer be a part of the Tantra clinic partner program, then you must not use the system.
  • The system must not be used in any activity that would harm or damage Tantra’s reputation.
  • Additional conditions may be imposed at a later date as circumstances warrant. In general, additional conditions will only be added to cover specific cases of abuse of the Tantra Clinic Support System.


If you have any questions, you can contact either Tex Evans, or one of the support staff listed in my profile, online or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com.