Tantra Total Woman HUD 2.50 Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the Tantra Total Woman HUD. This HUD is one of the most advanced Pregnancy HUDs in SL today. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the features in this HUD.

NOTE: Version 3.00 is now available. You should update your Tantra Total Woman HUD to the new version. You can update the HUD by visiting the Tantra Flagship Store and selecting the Settings / Upgrade command on your HUD. If you are unable to get the upgrade, please contact Tex Evans for assistance.

Quick Start

First of all, don’t panic. Although this manual is long, the HUD is actually quite easy to use. Most of this manual provides details on the various options for your new HUD, but the following steps are listed to help you get set up quickly.

  • Wear your HUD. The HUD can be worn on any HUD attachment point, but it works best on one of the Top HUD attachment points.
  • Select your Desire setting (Optional). Your HUD ships with a setting of Desire Pregnancy. Using the Settings button, select Set Desire command from the menu.
  • Select your Cycle Length setting (Optional). Your HUD ships with 28 day cycle already set. If you want a 14 day cycle, use the Settings button and select Cycle Length from the menu.
  • Select your Cycle Variability setting (Optional). Your HUD ships with a 2 day cycle variability already set.
  • Set your cycle start date, using the Settings button and the Set Cycle command.
  • Rename your HUD (Optional). You may rename your hud if desire. You will not be able to rename it in your inventory, but if you drag it to the ground from your inventory, you can right click it and select edit. The name is in the General tab. Once you are done, pick it up and wear it again.

Using the HUD

Other than the initial setup of your HUD, all you have to do to use the HUD is wear it. The HUD detects when your partner has an orgasm when he is wearing one of the following brands of cocks:

  • Aeros (version 6.00 and greater)
  • Midnight Lotus
  • The Physics Cock (version 2.2 and greater)
  • Sensations
  • Xcite!

When an orgasm is detected, the HUD will determine if your partner was close enough during orgasm to possibly impregnate you. If your partner was close enough, the HUD will ask you about the type of orgasm. The possible responses are discussed below:

  • Came Inside If your partner had his orgasm during coitus, you should select this option. This option is the greatest chance of causing pregnancy, however, the actual odds depend on the timing of your cycle and the use of birth control.
  • Anal/Oral/Etc If your partner had his orgasm during anal sex or oral sex, you should select this option. This option will obviously not cause the HUD to determine pregnancy.
  • Female Orgasm If your partner at the time of orgasm is female, you should select this option. The HUD will ignore the orgasm and will not determine pregnancy. If you want a female to impregnate you, ignore this button and use one of the other ones. It’s Second Life and anything is possible! I won’t tell.
  • Pulled Out If your partner pulled out in time, you should select this option. If your partner began his orgasm while still inside, you should select the Came Inside option instead. Surprisingly, the pull out method is actually quite effective if, and it’s a big if, your partner successfully pulls out in time. The actual odds of pregnancy used by the HUD depends on the timing of your cycle and the use of other birth control methods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This HUD will only trigger on the default Xcite! orgasm message. If your partner has customized their orgasm message, or if they use another brand that is not supported, the HUD will not detect the orgasm automatically. However, there is a Manual Orgasm button available via the Settings button that will allow you to manually begin the process. If you use the Manual Orgasm button, the HUD will ask you to select who had the orgasm before asking the orgasm type.

NOTE: In older versions of the HUD, the HUD assumed that if you clicked “Ignore” or didn’t respond in a certain amount of time that your choice was Came Inside. Starting in this version, it assumes nothing happened. You will no long have to worry about going away from keyboard only to find out something happened that cause you to become pregnant.


The HUD works on a 28 day cycle. At the beginning of each cycle, it calculates an expected ovulation date and an expected period date. The expected ovulation date is set on the 14th day and the expected period date is set on the 28th day. The actual dates are calculated based on the expected dates, adjusted for cycle variability (discussed below in more detail).

HUD Indicator Lights – Cycle Status Progress Bar

There is a progress bar that indicate your cycle status. The progress bar will slowly fill in as you move through your cycle. You are fertile during the yellow and red zones in the middle of your cycle. Towards the end of your cycle, your HUD will enter a second yellow stage. During this stage, your period can occur on any day. If your HUD enters the red Late stage, you have missed your period and are most likely pregnant. For more information on the Cycle Status Progress Bar, click here.

HUD Indicator Lights – Birth Control Status

There are two lights that indicate your birth control status. The D (Diaphragm) status light indicates the status of your diaphragm. It will be green when you are wearing it and red when you are not. The P (Pill) status light indicates the status of your pill. A red light indicates that you are not using the pill. A green light indicates that you are on the pill and it is fully effective. If you miss a pill or if you have just started using the pill, then the status light will be yellow. While the pill status light is yellow, there is a greater chance of getting pregnant.

Cycle Length Settings

Your cycle can be set for either 28 or 14 day cycles. When you change this setting, it will take effect during your next cycle, unless you reset your cycle using the Set Cycle button.

Variability Settings

This setting controls how much your cycle varies. This can be adjusted from 0 to 3. With a variability of 0, your expected dates and actual dates are the same. With a variability of 3, your actual dates for ovulation and periods can be +/- 3 days from the expected dates. You will not know exactly when you are ovulating or when your period will actually happen. The HUD Indicator lights for your cycle status take into account your variability setting and will show the entire period where you may be fertile and will not report you overdue for your period until after the last possible day of your period.

Desire Risk/Desire Pregnancy/Desire Neutral Settings

This setting changes the types of emotes that the HUD generates. For the Desire Pregnancy setting, the odds of getting pregnant are slightly higher than the Desire Risk. The Desire Risk and Desire Neutral settings mirrors real life odds. The Desire Neutral uses real life odds, but the emotes are different than Desire Risk.

Blind Cycles Settings

This setting when turned on, will “grey out” your cycle progress bar. You will get a message when you start your period each cycle, but after you receive this message, it is up to you to remember where you are in your cycle. You can turn this setting off at any time and the cycle progress bar will return to normal.

Privacy Settings

You can turn off the non-system emotes using this setting. Your choices are Public, Private, and Mute. The Private setting will set the emotes so that only you can hear them. The Mute setting turns off the emotes.

Customizing Your Emotes

You have the ability to customize the orgasm emotes that came with your HUD. In the contents of your HUD, you will see 6 notecards that begin with “Default Emotes” and 6 notecards that begin with “User Emotes”. The User Emotes notecards can be modified with your own emotes. The notecards are broken out by the different possible Desire Settings and the time of the month (Risky / Non Risky).

Within each notecard, there are multiple lines that handle the different circumstances that can happen when using your HUD. Each emote begins with a code followed by the “=” character. These must remain unchanged (including the “=” character). To change the emote, just type it in. Do not add any “=” characters to your emote or anything following the “=” will be ignored. The emote must be on one line only. If you want the emote to cover multiple lines in chat, you can use the “/n” at the spot where you want the emote to move to a new line in chat.

There are several substitution strings that you can add to your emote to substitute names as they are used. These are detailed in the emote notecards.

If you make a mistake in customizing your emotes, you may copy and paste the emotes in the Default Emotes notecard to the User Emotes notecard to restore it to a working version.

Setting Your Due Date

Your HUD comes with an accessory called the Tantra Due Date Setter. Your HUD assumes a pregnancy of 30 days, but while you are pregnant, you can use the Tantra Due Date Setter to set your due date to an actual date. To do this, rez out the Tantra Due Date Setter and touch it. It will prompt you to enter your due date in the format of “/1 YYYY-MM-DD” in chat. The Tantra Due Date Setter will take care of updating your HUD with your due date.

You do not need to do this every month, but should only have to do it once after the start of each pregnancy. However, if your due date changes, you can do it as often as you need in order to keep your HUD synced with your due date.

Tantra Home Pregnancy Test

Your HUD comes with a Tantra Home Pregnancy Test accessory. To take the pregnancy test, just rez a copy of the test from your inventory. Once it has rezzed, touch the test and it will begin. You must be wearing your HUD during the test for it to work.

The test is not completely accurate until at least 5 days past your actual ovulation date. It doesn’t report false positives, so if it tells you that you are pregnant, it is correct. But it can report a false negative. Beginning with the day after ovulation, the odds of an accurate result increase each day.

Tantra Condoms

Your HUD comes with a Tantra Condom HUD. These can be given out to anyone you want. For it to work, your partner must wear it during sex. The condom is not foolproof and can break. You will only know if the condom breaks once orgasm has occurred. The emote will indicate condom breakage.

Tantra Paternity Test

The Tantra Paternity Test is available as a separate product.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are two Tantra groups for you to join. Tantra Support is for general support questions. I know some people do not like to receive frequent IM Spam, so you can also join Tantra Announcements. Tantra Announcements should not be used for support questions. This group is used by Tantra employees to announce upgrades and special programs to our customers.

If you have any questions, you can contact either Tex Evans, or one of the support staff listed in my profile, online or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com.