Tantra Ovulation Drug 1.00 Manual

The Tantra Ovulation Drug version 1.00 has been updated and renamed to the Tantra Fertility Drug version 2.00.  To receive the free upgrade, rez out your Tantra Ovulation Drug and you should receive the updated version automatically.  If you have problems upgrading, please contact Tex Evans.

Congratulation on your purchase of the Tantra Ovulation Drug. This device is designed to work with the Tantra Total Woman HUD and is very simple to use.

Using the Tantra Ovulation Drug

To use the Tantra Ovulation Drug, you just wear it as an attachment. When you wear it, it will present a menu. You can also pull up the menu by touching the shot in your hand. By choosing the “Inject” menu command, the Tantra Ovulation Drug will scan for compatible Tantra Total Woman HUD wearers near you. It will then present a menu for you to select which Tantra Total Woman HUD wearer to inject. Once you make this selection, the Tantra Ovulation Drug will be injected in her arm and will cause her to immediately ovulate.


There are two Tantra groups for you to join. Tantra Support is for general support questions. I know some people do not like to receive frequent IM Spam, so you can also join Tantra Announcements. Tantra Announcements should not be used for support questions. This group is used by Tantra employees to announce upgrades and special programs to our customers.

If you have any questions, you can contact either Tex Evans, or one of the support staff listed in my profile, online or via email at tex_evans@yahoo.com.